Patient Access Solutions

Patients need access to important and innovative health technologies in Canada. At the same time, payers in Canada have a tough job making increasingly difficult decisions. The challenge for the Canadian pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry is to reconcile the needs of patients to have access to important new treatments, the requirement of the payer to manage scarce resources, and the constraints of the companies that discover these new innovations. At Patient Access Solutions, these challenges are what drive us.

Reimbursement Submissions and Strategy

Our team brings a wealth of experience leading biopharmaceutical companies through the health technology assessment and submission process in Canada. We have a record of achievement in developing successful submission strategies and dossiers for the Common Drug Review, provincial, oncology, hospital and private payers.

Pharmacoeconomics and Budget Impact Analysis

Demonstrating economic value is critical to the success of your file. Patient Access Solutions has the insight required to support the value proposition of your product. Our ability to creatively address the concerns of the payer will help to ensure your health economic and budget impact analyses are aligned with, and support, your product's clinical value.

Pull-through to

Clients can leverage Patient Access Solutions' extensive network of relationships with Provincial and Private payers across Canada. We bring a history of success in navigating the complexities of the current market access environment. Patient Access Solutions has expertise in developing effective pull-through strategies to support and facilitate a positive market access outcome.

Pricing Strategy and Submissions

Establishing the right price is crucial when developing your market access strategy. We will analyze the reimbursement potential of your brand and the limitations imposed by the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board. Patient Access Solutions will recommend strategies and prepare pricing dossiers that will optimize the market access opportunity of your product while working within global price corridors.